Insufficient Information on an SSI Applicaton Will Be Rejected

Deciding to pursue an SSI claim is a major decision that requires a lot of documentation. Often, the process, which can be long, is delayed because applicants do not have the necessary information or the data they do have is not complete. If you are filling out an SSI application form in downtown Oklahoma City, make sure you have the following information.

Your Basic Digits

These include your Social Security number, proof of citizenship or eligible non-citizen status. A birth certificate is proof of citizenship if you were born in the United States. If you are an immigrant, you will need proof of immigration status.

Your Medical History

You should bring any information pertaining to your medical condition and treatment. This should include all doctors, hospitals, clinics and health centers, including emergency response documentation as well as any treatments you have received. Your Claims Representative looking at SSI requirements in downtown, OK cannot approve ongoing disability benefits without current medical treatment documentation.

Prior to filling out or submitting your SSI application form in downtown Oklahoma City, you should write down medical record information and use it to make sure you have included all treatment related information. This will help you organize your submission file and show if you are missing any information.

Income and Resources

You need to provide any pay stubs, bank statements and your federal income tax return. While income is not an exclusionary part of an SSI determination, SSI requirements stipulate that benefits be based on earned and unearned income. This includes other benefits you receive such as veterans benefits, regular Social Security, interest or dividend income.

Resources include money you have in the bank and cash on hand as well as any insurance policies. Other tangible assets such as more than one vehicle or property in addition to your home have to be accounted for.

Living Arrangements

You need to document your living arrangements. That will require a property tax bill, rental agreement or payment receipt. You also need to provide the identification information of everyone in the household who lives with you as well as whether they receive SSI or are in a federal medical program. Additionally, you should make a list of your expenses for food, utilities and any medications.

Filling out your SSI application form in downtown, Oklahoma City is easy if you are well prepared to being with. Taking the time to assemble the required information before you submit a claim will help facilitate the approval process. By doing this, you will avoid any delays in getting your application processed, which will mean your approval will be done quicker.